How to Start a Business & Get Your First Client in 36 Days
How to Automate Important Repetitive Tasks
Nearly 70% of Business Owners say the biggest opportunity of automation lies in reducing time wasted on repetitive work.
We can help you to leverage automation to increase efficiency and free up time.
Let's get started.
The Art of Focus
Secrets of the Top A Players
Focus is the most critical aspect needed to push your startup to perform,
I will take you on a journey to transform your mindset, remove distractions,
introduce triggers, plan your attach, and get to 7 figures.
Robotic Process Automation
How To Start Leveraging RPA

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Talent Without Effort is Wasted Talent and Applying that Talent Intelligently is Vital.

Aspiring business owners, small or big, your business will love our coaching and mentoring advisory program.

We are happy when our clients are too… Actually, this is quite simple to achieve – because each time we help them in sorting out how to approach marketing, sales, strategic planning, accounting,  operations, hiring, customer success,  health & wellness we fulfill are fullfilled.

We are relentlessly focused on our customers and students and success. Helping our customer solve complex challenges is our sweetshop. The trusted automaton process structure to you automate repetitive task, claim unfocused time, so you can focus on the more critical deamnds.   

Let us help you push your company result to 7 figures and 8 figures revenues streams by leveraging our offering below.

about us


The Trusted Automation is one of the leading business coaching & mentoring processes for startups, small, business and medium-sized  aspiring business owners. Many customers have turned to our coaching program and services to solve the critical pain points of starting a business, attracting customers, transform their marketing funnels,  overcoming sales challenges, automating time consuming tasks and  provide online coaching resources to see exceptional results.

Courses and Services

Transformational JOurney


Beginner Stage: How to start a successful revenue generating business from nothing, regardless of experience, knowledge, skillset, expertise, or background.


Mastery Stage: How to grow your business to exceptional results by fully automatizing your entire operations including marketing funnel, pay per click advertising, analytics, & more.

The Innovative Entrprenuer

How to effectively grow your business to high revenue (8-figures or more) by becoming a thought leader in your market while striving to become the market leader.

The Startup Journey

Our proven system of developing strategic processes in your business with personalized guidance from our Coach to help you build a business you love leading and a life you love living.


Our Personalized approach provides one-on-one, customized leadership development that fosters new ways of thinking, acting, and influencing to achieve significant results.

Digital Transformation

We help to build the capabilities to understand the business impact of frontier technologies for sustainable competitive advantage.

Plan, Focus, Execute, & REPEAT

Before joining into Rob's program, Tori business was successful and getting results. The business pain was she was working to many hours and her focus was spread was that he was constantly working and away from his home. After going through the program, Tori now has a steady stream of clients and intense laser focus that drives her success.
Tori Caraballo
Internet Marketer
When Charlie first connected with Rob & James he was on the the edge of financial hardship and desperately looking for change his situation. After implementing Rob’s and completed the training courses, he was able to get back on track, set clear targets, iterate, and transform his clients expectations. Charlie sky rocket his result to $650,000 his first year and is continuing to see steady growth.
Charlie Shawn
Real Estate Investor
Before starting Velocity the trusted advisory training program, Bella was plagued with dreams of running her own business and did not know what steps to take. Then she found Rob and his mentorship and advise helped Bella quit her job and start her own consulting company. “This program will push you in all the need areas, I highly recommends it”. - Bella
Bella Gibson
Nutritionist & Health Coaches
5/5 (1 Review)