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At The Trusted Automation, our vision is to redefine the educational landscape by empowering course creators with the most innovative and reliable technological solutions. We aim to be global pacesetters in the e-learning industry, providing unmatched support that enables educators and business owners to maximize their potential and achieve excellence in online course delivery.

By nurturing a community of forward-thinking clients and learners, we at The Trusted Automation work towards creating a more informed, skilled, and connected world. This vision, fueled by our dedication to service and innovation, remains the cornerstone of our mission to facilitate a transformative educational experience for all. Tame the chaos and automate your business today.

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Build Smarter, Build Faster with Automation

Leveraging an automation mindset with AI tools like ChatGTP, and Jasper AI will help you reclaim countless hours while helping you accomplish more with less.

Tame The Chaos

When launch your business everything seems chaotic and unarchivable. With Automate you will lean to tame the chose around and within to sign your first customers.

Simplify Your Work & Start Building Today

Leveraging an automation mindset with AI tools like ChatGTP, and Jasper AI will help you reclaim countless hours while helping you accomplish more with less.

Go Faster by Automating The Most Tedious Parts

Troubleshoot your workflow, find areas that are tedious, and automate those parts. How fast can you go if you put tedious task on autopilot while you focus on moving forward.


We have opened up access to our founder members. Contact us today as access to the Alpha Team is open for a limited time.



Our Programs Will Help You Start a Business While Automating the Tedious Parts

Our courses are designed to start a business but have no ideas, scale your business to 6 figures, and then grow your business to dominate your industry vertical (niche).


Automate Everything Online Course
Automate Everything Online Course
Strategy + Automation
Strategy + Automation Mastermind course

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Rob Thomas

Management Consultant & Agency Coach

My focus is on introducing cutting edge strategic innovations that will allow business owners to accelerate the quality of results delivered to their customers.

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Meet Our Creative & Expert Coaches

Meet our team as we will help you launch your business, build a strong automation mindset, leverage AI tools to build faster, and teach you how to get 50 new customers in 90 days.


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Hear from Rob Thomas on how The Trusted Automation is helping customers put AI to work and how our team is working to advance automation in an AI-first world.

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